How to Bring Your Spouse or Fiancé to the United States

visa card for fianceAt Espinoza Law Offices P.A., we are often asked about how an American citizen can bring their foreign fiancé or spouse to this country in order to live together. While it’s true that it can be a complicated process for some couples to reunite here and start their lives together, others are easily able to get the paperwork processed with the help of an experienced lawyer. Our immigration attorneys Tampa FL can help navigate this process and get your loved one’s visa in place easily. Having the help of a lawyer can speed up the process and reunite you with your love quickly.

Understanding How the Process of Getting a Visa Works

Navigating the process of applying for the right visa for your loved one can be confusing if you’ve never done it before, as it requires precise attention to detail and a high level of organization. To begin with, you need to determine the right kind of visa to apply for, fill out the application form, and get all the documents needed to submit with it. A family immigration lawyer can help with completing and submitting the necessary paperwork to the government, along with all the documentation that is required to support the application to bring your spouse or fiancée here to live with you. You may need to provide official documents like birth certifications, marriage certifications, and divorce decrees. There might also be a need to provide supplemental documents that prove how you initially met and fell in love, such as printed emails, photos of you together, proof of trips you’ve taken to see each other, and anything else you might want an immigration officer to consider.

How Do You Get Your Spouse or Fiancé Here?

The right paperwork to file depends on whether you are already married or simply planning to get married once your fiancé gets here. Each distinct type of visa has its own application that has to be submitted along with the processing fee and supporting documents. If you are already married, your spouse is likely to have to file two petitions: one in their home country and one in the United States.

How Can an Attorney Help with Your Immigration Paperwork?

By hiring an experienced attorney who specializes in immigration to help you, you can ensure that your paperwork is filled out correctly the first time and there is no reason for the visa application to get rejected. The biggest issue with doing the paperwork incorrectly is the time it wastes. Even simple errors can cause the application to be sent back. You then have to correct it and re-submit it, starting the clock all over again. If you want to have your spouse or fiancé with you sooner rather than later, these mistakes can be devastating. You may also have to pay the application fee again, which is simply too expensive for most people to afford. For these reasons, getting expert help from a family or business immigration attorney is well worth the cost and may actually save you time and money in the long run over attempting to do it yourself.

With the help of an immigration lawyer near Tampa Bay, you can ensure that there are no delays in getting approval to bring the love of your life here and start your new life together in the United States. Our immigration lawyers Lakeland FL can help you get the visa paperwork started and will assist you with any questions you have along the way. We can even help down the line if you need a deportation defense lawyer to keep your spouse in the country.