Immigration Law: What can be Done for Me?

Immigration Law: What Can be Done for Me?  There are plenty of laws in place to protect immigrants in the United States. People migrate from many parts of the country in the hopes of looking to create a better life. Sometimes, they get lost in the bureaucracy of political and government red tape. When immigrants are faced with challenging circumstances that affect their livelihood, they feel hopeless and overwhelmed. Not wanting to return to a place that has no future.

Sometimes clients come to the United States on a visa, and when the visa expires, they face the possibility of deportation. This can seem cruel, after our clients have established a life, and worked hard to achieve their dreams, only to let it slip through their fingers. We will not let that happen. Whether you are a worker with a work Visa, an immigrant seeking citizenship or a company with legal immigration problems, we can help. Visit our online immigration lawyer website and read about the many ways we can assist you in your quest. We help with any of the issues listed below. However, this is not an exhaustive list of the services we provide.

  • Visas- Types J, H, E, T, and U
  • Family Petitions– Immigrates wanting to reunite with family members
  • Asylum– Immigrates seeking protection from unlawful prosecution
  • EB-5– Green Card application
  • Deportation—The process of being deported for any or no reason
  • Legal criminal defense– Defense against crimes committed while on Visa status
  • Business Immigration– Business investments
  • Waivers- Criminal conviction waivers-hardship waiver, provisional waiver, etc.
  • Special Juvenile Immigration Visas- Young people seeking adjustments to their green card

Criminal Allegations Can Mean Deportation Without an Experienced Deportation Defense Lawyer

Our goal is simple. We want to help keep families together. We address many aspects of immigration law, depending on your needs. We handle dependency cases, family law issues and criminal situations. Our team of legal experts have seen it all and done it all. We can accommodate clients from every walk of life and from many foreign-speaking countries. It is because of our diversity that we can help clients of many nationalities.

If you have committed a crime or been accused of committing a crime, and do not know any experienced immigration attorneys Tampa FL lawyers, you need to reach out to Espinoza Law Offices.

Immigration Lawyers Lakeland FL Attorneys Can Make Citizenship Possible

However, the process of citizenship is not an easy path. There are legal processes that must be followed before citizenship can be awarded.  A good family immigration lawyer is hard to find, which is why Espinoza Law Offices represents individuals, families, and businesses.  Thousands of immigrants face legal ramifications due to their lack of understanding. An inexperienced immigration lawyer can make a long process longer and can cause untimely delays. Therefore, choosing the right immigration attorney is crucial for your future.

Where is a Good Immigration Lawyer Near Tampa Bay?

A good immigration lawyer is a lawyer that has your best interest in hand. They answer the toughest questions and face all the legal challenges that plague their clients. They display knowledge and professionalism when representing their clients, and they understand the legal process of immigration law, and how it can affect the lives of others.

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For quality service, a friendly smile, and a family immigration lawyer that specializes in everything immigration, reach out to Espinoza Law Offices located at 1506 Florida Ave S, in Lakeland, FL. If you need to speak to us about your specific situation, you can call our office at (863) 940-9950 and schedule an appointment at your convenience. Immigration problems do not go away, they tend to get worse as time goes on. We are here to help you every step of the way.