Your Guide to Negative Business Reviews

negative reviews from customersEvery business depends on its customers to profit. Customer service is still the most important business trait for companies that deal directly with customers and or business partners. Part of this concept involves keeping humble if your business gets a bad review. 

In this day and age, a bad review posted on a company website can negatively impact your business if this is not handled correctly. Read on for a helpful guide to negative business reviews. Remember to seek legal advice for business contract disputes and other legal business matters. 

What Not to Do When Your Business Gets a Negative Review 

A leading attorney that handles business law contracts Lakeland law firms may already be acquainted with has some important practical legal advice on what not to do when your business gets a negative review. There are several options that business owners can take. These include: 

  • Respond Immediately in an Emotional & Forthright Manner Defending Your Company
  • Ignore the Review & Hope Positive Reviews Will Outweigh This Negative One
  • Wait a Few Hours to Calm Your Emotions Then Respond Appropriately

Most experienced Polk County business lawyers would advise their clients to take the third option. When handled appropriately, a negative review can turn into a teachable moment and may turn out better in the long run for your company. 

How to Turn a Negative Online Business Review into Something Positive 

Word of mouth and excellent customer reviews are still the most important method of promoting business success and growth through the years. This has become even more important, and most customers now do their company research and purchases online. Most businesses have at least one company website. This site should have a place for customer comments. 

If a negative review shows up on your customer comment section, don’t panic. It is possible to turn a negative online business review into something positive according to a seasoned business law attorney Lakeland Florida. The positive can occur by how you respond. 

Five Items That Should Be Included in a Company Response to a Negative Review 

A dedicated lawyer Lakeland area business owners trust for honest legal counsel explains the 5 critical items that should be included in a company response to a negative customer review. 

These 5 sections should include: 

  • 1. Always Begin by Thanking Customer for Their Thoughts & Feedback
  • 2. Keep Your Tone Unbiased, Professional & Empathetic to Customer
  • 3. Address Each Portion of the Negative Review
  • 4. Reinforce Your Company’s Positive Characteristics
  • 5. Invite Customer Back & Provide Resolution Actions When Possible

Thank Your Customer for Review Feedback

It is crucial to validate your customer by thanking them for their reviews. These customers do take their personal time to review. This should be reason enough to thank them. Your tone and professional stance will set the bar for the rest of the conversation. 

Wait a Few Moments or Hours to Compose Your Personal Emotions 

Negative reviews can hurt. Always wait awhile before formatting your response. This allows some time to get underlying hurt feelings and that need to defend your company under control. 

Address Each Negative Portion Directly with Solutions 

Take time to address each negative review portion with your possible resolutions. Oftentimes, negative customer reviews can show a business where they can improve. 

Reinforce Your Company’s Positive Characteristics & Invite Customer Back 

Always end on a positive note. 

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