Responsibilities You’ll Have as a US Citizen

You worked hard to to become a US Citizen- a place you can truly call home and reach your dreams. And while that is wonderful, and you can celebrate and relax some, it is still important to make sure you maintain your citizenship.

Due to various economic and political factors, naturalization has been more complicated over the years. And even though the Biden administration is in the process of making things easier for immigrants and the naturalization process, there is still much red tape the government must take.
And since immigration law is extremely complex, it is even more important that you take heed of your responsibilities to maintain your citizenship. You don’t want to add to the already complexities to ensure citizenship. A quality lawyer Lakeland Florida will, at least, inform you of your responsibilities. Espinoza Law Offices PA in Lakeland Florida can help you.

Your Responsibilities

Thus said, the following are your responsibilities to maintain citizenship:

* Must have your U.S. passport when traveling
* Participating in a jury
* Being eligible for federal and other law enforcement jobs
* Obtain specific federal and state benefits not available to noncitizens
* Get citizenship for minor children born overseas
* Expedite and expand the ability to bring family members to the US
* Defend and support the Constitution against all domestic and foreign enemies
* Remain informed of issues that affect your community
* Participating in the democratic process
* Respect and obey local, state, and federal laws
* Respect others’ opinions, rights, and beliefs
* Participating in your local community
* Honestly paying all your taxes and on time
* If needed, defend the country

The responsibilities mentioned above are the basic responsibilities when you become a US citizen. However, there are some serious responsibilities that you may not know when you took the oath of US citizenship:

* Paying and reporting your total worldwide income
* Reporting all your foreign accounts
* No business allowed with OFAC citizens/countries
* Bribing foreign officials is forbidden.
* Prosecution for committed crimes overseas
* Selective service registration required
* Civic and jury duties required

These responsibilities are not to be taken lightly even when it comes to basic ones. Also, there is some fine print that you should know as well as rights that you have. With this said, it will behoove you not to choose random immigration attorneys Tampa FL, immigration lawyers Lakeland FL, or immigration lawyers in the surrounding areas.
Grounds of Revocation of Naturalization

The grounds of revocation of naturalization include the person illegally procuring naturalization, willful misrepresentation, and material fact concealment. Another ground of revocation includes having an Other than Honorable Discharge (OTH) after naturalization but before five years of honorable service.
The traditional citizen concept is permeated with these responsibilities. You must focus on the rights you have to claim to be a citizen and on how you may give back to the nation and your local community.

This symbolic relationship is one that philosophers and scholars discussed for hundreds of centuries. And thus, societies thrive on the reciprocity of this relationship.
Nevertheless, you must be stern with this newly established citizenship. Being aware of the fine print is crucial, and that’s why you must hire a high-quality lawyer. immigration lawyers Lakeland FL.

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Immigration law is one of the most complex aspects of the law, and you’ve worked hard to get your immigration status to become a US Citizen. Don’t risk what you’ve worked so hard to be taken from you and your family. Contact our office now!