My Family Member Has Been Placed on ICE Hold, Now What?

illegal immigrationMany individuals currently living in the United States are here without permission. This can make life for these undocumented individuals stressful and tough for the ones illegally in the country and their close family members and friends. Many family members get notified that their family member has been placed on an ICE hold, and they often do not know what this means or what they can do according to a knowledgeable deportation defense lawyer.  

What Is an ICE Hold Anyway? 

An ICE hold is generally triggered when an illegal immigrant or undocumented alien is already in jail for something else. When the detained immigrant is not able to provide documented proof of their legal standing in this country, the system will automatically trigger what is commonly referred to as an ICE hold. 

This can happen even if the jail time is past or next to expiring states experienced immigration lawyers Lakeland FL based. This hold generally permits time for the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, officers to pick the person up and transfer them into their care. The time limit for this is usually 48 hours. 

What Happens When ICE Does Not Pick the Detained Undocumented Person Up? 

In theory, a family could hire a lawyer to petition that the person be released. However, ICE workers consistently monitor newly arrested individuals as a method to find these undocumented persons. Since these ICE workers are often overwhelmed with cases, some will slip by their notice explains a seasoned immigration lawyer near Tampa Bay.  

Filing a legal motion to release the person could result in ICE being formally notified. This is often the case if the crime committed is one that is likely to result in deportation orders. 

What Happens After That? 

A person being held on an ICE hold does have the right to have their case heard by an immigration judge. However, if the person already has an active deportation order, this will not apply. In that case, the person is usually deported. If the person is granted a hearing, this will usually be a short procedure that outlines bail conditions for a longer and more in-depth immigration hearing later. 

Families Should Contact Immigration Attorneys Tampa FL Promptly  

There are several highly qualified immigration attorneys near Tampa FL, and family members should contact them for expert and specific legal advice on their case. Sometimes, an attorney can argue that there was a mistake, and the person is eligible for a green card. Alternately, a lawyer might be able to put off deportation if they successfully argue that the crime the person committed is not of the degree that triggers deportation.  

Steps That Family Members Can Take When a Loved One Is Detained 

The process of getting a hearing can sometimes be slow and frustrating. However, once a deportation order is in place, that process suddenly gets incredibly fast. Family members may find that their loved one is deported without much time to mount any defense. 

There are some practical steps that family members can take when their loved one is detained on an ICE hold. Get information on where the person is being held, and contact a dedicated lawyer Lakeland inhabitants can find under immigration attorneys online or in the phone book. Family members should not sign anything and should caution the detained person not to sign anything agreeing to voluntary deportation until they consult a lawyer. 


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