How Fast to Call an Immigration Lawyer if I am Placed in the Deportation Process

deportation processDeportation is one of the most terrifying processes an immigrant or non-citizen could ever go through in the United States. There are serious consequences to it, most of them undoubtedly life-changing.

It’s a highly complex process, but for the person going through it, it’s only going to feel like a very long, stressful tunnel that they would just want to get out of as soon as possible. Reasons for being subjected to the deportation process vary, too.

Regardless of the reason, however, one thing’s for sure: you need to hire a deportation defense lawyer immediately. 

The Deportation Process

Before the deportation process can be instituted against you, an arrest would first have to be made. The scenarios that can get you arrested include failure to meet or maintain your visa requirement; aiding and abetting in the smuggling of other aliens into the country, fraudulent marriage, and other immigration laws violations; and commission of a crime, among others.

To be arrested means to be physically removed by officers of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) from your home or workplace, and then detained in an official facility. It is at this juncture that your knowledge of immigration laws, or the lack thereof, would play a critical role. 

While in detention, you may be offered certain options for relief. Sometimes, among these is the offer for voluntary deportation in exchange of foregoing the lengthy court process. You must be very careful about the choice you make, because each one will have its own corresponding consequence. 

When to Call A Lawyer

Because of the very fast timeline of the deportation process, you need to call a lawyer Lakeland at the soonest possible time. Having them by your side to help with your representation can improve your chances once you appear before the immigration court.

Take note that you may be scheduled for an appearance before the judge anytime within 10 days of your detainment. At the first hearing, you can expect to have a hearing on Bond Redetermination. This basically lets you present material evidence that can determine whether you’re eligible for bond. 

Family members may post the bond for your release once the court deems you worthy of it. Although you’re free to go out, however, you must make sure to attend the Master Calendar Hearing, which is an appearance before the court in response to your summons through the Notice to Appear. 

Meanwhile, the Contested Hearing is your opportunity to defend yourself before the immigration judge. And then you can look forward to the Merits Hearing, which serves as a supplementary platform for your witnesses and evidence while pursuing your option for relief. 

 How a lawyer can help

For all of these steps, your best bet is to work closely and immediately with immigration lawyers Lakeland FL. Not only will they be highly familiar with immigration laws, they can also help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing your option for relief.

Immigration attorneys Tampa FL will help you set up a formidable defense, no matter what the reason may be for your deportation process. Especially because you might be in detention for a significant amount of time, you’ll need someone who can facilitate the transactions on your behalf to sort out your immigration issues. 

If you do find yourself at risk of being caught up in a deportation process, a lawyer Lakeland Florida, is the help that you will need. 

Immediately call and consult with Lakeland Haven firms such as Espinoza Law Offices to get started on your defense.