COVID Vaccines and How They Relate to Immigrants

There are plenty of questions lingering out in the public about COVID-19 vaccines and how they relate to various groups. It is easy to see why some people might have some confusion on this topic right now as the vaccine is still such a new thing, and there has not always been a lot of clarity from the authorities about what it means for everyday people. Thus, we wanted to take a look at what people at the Espinoza Law Offices deal with every day as it relates to this vaccine and how it relates to immigrants and their legal protections and status.

The Mandate Changes Things 

Immigration attorneys Tampa FL are about to get a flood of new business as the new vaccine mandates mean that vaccination cards are now not just a healthcare document that is important to keep around. Their value has skyrocketed as people rush to get a hold of these documents for employment purposes at this time. You see, the Federal government has laid down the rules that vaccination is required for employers of more than 100 people. It is either that or mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing. This is going to relate to immigrant workers as well. Thus, immigration lawyers Lakeland FL need to prepare themselves for the fact that they may be processing more clients than they had previously simply given the fact that many immigrants work under an alias, and it is quite common for them to need to use a fake name at this time just to work in the country. People aren’t always comfortable with this fact, but it is truly part of what is going on.

Immigration Protections Still Exist 

As any good immigration lawyer near Tampa Bay will tell you, there are still protections in the law for immigrants regardless of any mandates that may come down from the federal government. People in this country can still fight their cases before courts, and they may even win at least some of the time. It is so critical that all people continue to receive their legal rights as protected by the Constitution of this country. Anything short of that is anarchy, and we don’t want to dissolve into a country that doesn’t even abide by its own laws and rules. We are better than that, and a family immigration lawyer will surely feel the same way.

The Risk of Deportation 

It is clear that many people working in this country with false documents or no documents at all are highly worried about their chances of deportation. They know that it is a real possibility given the fact that health documents such as the vaccination card are now routinely asked for by the authorities. It may seem unfair to them, but they also understand that their odds of deportation have just increased now as the government is putting more scrutiny on the documents that people present to their employers at this time. It makes sense that a lot more people are looking for a deportation defense lawyer than they did in the past. Basically, they cannot afford to not look into these options at this time. There is just so much riding on the line for people who wouldn’t normally be all that concerned about such matters.

Getting Help Safely in COVID Times 

The last piece to touch on briefly is that some people feel that they need to get in touch with an attorney but are afraid to have a one-on-one meeting at this time given the risks of COVID-19. People in that position can rest assured that they can get an online immigration lawyer to help them out. Many attorneys have moved their services online to help reduce the spread of the virus, and you can surely find a quality lawyer who will offer this for you.