Citizenship Application Interviews: Three Ways to Expedite Them

immigration interviewNormally, once one files an citizenship application for U.S. citizenship, they have to wait a notable period. Typically, time periods from application to the citizenship interview can be months, even a year when things get really busy for the government. However, there are circumstances where an applicant can request an expedited review and interview appointment. These situations are not common, and they are not available for convenience. Yet if an applicant can quality, these conditions can definitely speed up the process to a citizenship decision resolution.

No Expedite Option is Automatic

It should be thoroughly understood that any kind of an expedited review for citizenship will be 100 percent reviewed with extra attention. First, the scrutiny helps ensure that people are not abusing the expedite option and only true cases with a need are getting through that channel. Second, because there is a time pressure that is going outside the normal review process, the government wants to be sure it’s not making a mistake with an interview approval.


As immigration lawyers Lakeland FL experts will attest, the three options available are strict in requirements.

The first option is economic and financial. In this particular path the applicant likely has a significant investment involved or is the owner of a business that is being affected by his or her citizenship status. The expedite factor allows for a speeded-up application where the applicant can prove not processing the application fast would result in a serious and significant financial loss. The loss has to be to the applicant or the company that the applicant works for. Filing an application at the last second is not a sufficient reason, either. If using this reason, the applicant must have filed the application in a timely manner, and he or she is willing and able to provide all additional information as requested for the review without question.

The second option is that the applicant is in some kind of emergency or critical humanitarian situation where citizenship has a direct impact on positive or negative status. This is a general category and, obviously, what is an emergency is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Third, the application has a significant impact on U.S. cultural or social interests, or the application would have a significant impact on U.S. government interests. Again, the eligibility of this category depends on the individual’s details and situation.

Once an expedite request is received, the government’s office will almost always request additional documentation to confirm the circumstances claimed and eligibility. As a result, an applicant should already have the paperwork ready and prepared in copies for whatever is needed. This will cut down on wait time and show the government the request is not a bluff.

Representation Can Make a Difference

Choosing the right representation in the citizenship application process can make a big difference. Not every attorney is familiar with citizenship loopholes and filing requirements, even though any licensed attorney can technically represent a client. Instead, one should be working with a business immigration attorney or a family immigration lawyer. And, in a serious citizenship risk case, a deportation defense lawyer should be consulted with.

The Espinoza Law Offices P.A. regularly service clients as an immigration lawyer near Tampa Bay. The experience and depth of their work as immigration attorneys Tampa FL resources is repeatedly proven case after case with successful citizenship approvals. While it is technically possible to pursue a citizenship application individually, an expedite request practically needs the help of a legal expert and representation. There are simply too many traps and pitfalls that can cause things to go sideways. And the last thing anyone needs is an expedite request to be delayed or, worse, denied.