Can I Sponsor a Foreign Worker in the US?

discuss new ideas and plan joint mutually beneficial cooperationPicture this: you have found the perfect match for the open role within your business, but the candidate has informed you that they require sponsorship for employment in the US. When it comes time to hire your company’s next employee, it is not unusual to discover that your best option is to sponsor a foreign worker. As with any business or legal decision, the prospect of beginning a work sponsorship can be a daunting one.

Luckily, it is not a process that you have to go through on your own. In this article, we will be looking at the options available to you when starting a sponsorship, as well as how our experienced team of immigration attorneys in Tampa, FL can help.

How To Start a Work Sponsorship in Florida

Truth be told, the process of sponsoring a foreign worker is complex. Because of this, being unaware of the rules and regulations surrounding work sponsorships could prove costly and time-consuming for everyone involved. Unlike hiring a US citizen for a job, sponsoring a foreign national goes beyond making an offer and having them accept. You must also meet a number of government requirements before the individual can start working.

There are multiple different types of employment sponsorships available, each with varying requirements. The most common are:

  • Labor certifications that lead to permanent residency
  • H-1B visas for workers looking to stay for up to 6 years, considering three-year increments
  • H2-B visas for temporary, seasonal workers

In addition, there are also specific visas designed for workers from specific countries, including options for nonimmigrants from North America. The first step to starting a work sponsorship is, of course, to determine which type of sponsorship for employment your candidate requires. From there, you can begin obtaining and filling out the proper paperwork. During this segment of the process, it is best to consult with our team of immigration lawyers at Espinoza Law Offices.

It is also important to note that the term “visa” itself does not equate to a foreigner’s authorization to be in the United States. In the most technical sense, a visa is a travel document issued by the State Department to allow an individual to enter the US, not a document to state the individual’s immigration “status.”

Though this distinction does not always make a difference when discussing sponsorship for employment, it is very important in the procedural context. This means that you and your prospective foreign worker need to know exactly what you are asking for—a “visa” or “status”—and which government agencies are the correct ones to ask, further underlining the importance of involving an immigration attorney in the process.

Let Us Assist You in Sponsoring a Foreign Worker

The exact requirements of the different types of sponsorships for employment vary based on not only the type of visa but also the role you are hiring for. Further complicating matters, lawmakers are consistently updating regulations, making it difficult for the average hiring manager to keep track. Fortunately, your company does not have to embark on this journey alone.

By partnering with an immigration lawyer, you can be sure that all of the necessary legal requirements are being followed to the letter, making the process much less stressful for both your team and the foreign national you are looking to hire. Additionally, we at the Espinoza Law Offices have years of experience in all aspects of immigration law and truly care about our clients and their wellbeing, meaning we will provide you with the best legal advice and representation possible.

So if you are looking to hire a foreign worker that needs work sponsorship, partner with a team of experienced immigration lawyers in Lakeland, FL today! Call us today for a consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.