Bender's Immigration Bulletin, Vol. 15, p. 645, 2010 Posted : 03 Sep 2010 Jean Pierre Espinoza Espinoza Law Offices P.A.


Imagine a scenario where a criminal victim wants to disclose his or her injury to law enforcement but cannot for fear of removal. Imagine the frustration of a law enforcement officer needing key evidence from a person who refuses to come forward for fear of revealing his or her unlawful status in the United States. These are some of the problems that the U visa attempts to target and resolve by allowing the victims of certain crimes to come forward, regardless of their immigration status, and assist law enforcement without the fear of being deported. The U visa addresses this issue by offering the possibility of obtaining legal status in the United States for the victims of crimes. The ultimate goal of the U visa is to provide for the protection of the victims of serious crimes and assist in the prosecution of the perpetrators by encouraging voluntary cooperation with law enforcement to resolve investigations.