What to Do if I Drive Without a License Because I Don’t Have Immigration Status

driving without licenseHere in the United States, driving is practically a way of life. Although there are plenty of options for public transportation, a vast majority still prefer to drive their own cars. In many cases, this is mostly due out of necessity. 

Perhaps the bus or train schedule is not ideal for your own. Perhaps you usually carry a lot of items or equipment with you, which is why it would be much more convenient and safer for you to simply bring your own car.

All of that, and more, are perfectly good reasons to drive a car. It becomes a problem, however, when you drive without a license. It becomes a lot worse when you’re caught without both a driving license and an immigration status.

No License, No Status

What happens when you’re caught driving without a license? First of all, your primary offense is going to be about that. The information about your immigrant status would come into play later on. 

What you’re getting pulled over is a traffic violation, such as speeding. What will send you to court is the discovered fact that you were driving without a license. And from there, you can get in trouble with immigration. 

That’s why for your own protection, you should hire a deportation defense lawyer in the event that you get called into court.  

No License Equals Deportation?

If you’re wondering if you can be deported for driving without a license, the short answer is no. According to Florida laws and penalties, however, you can be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. This translates to jail time for up to 60 days, as well a fine as much as US$500. 

Under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t need a lawyer Lakeland to help you sort out a traffic citation. In the case of driving without a license, however, you’d be better off being represented by a Lakeland Haven lawyer.

If you also happen to be an undocumented immigrant, then you should get in touch with an immigration lawyer near Tampa Bay at the soonest possible instance. That’s because your misdemeanor charge will alert the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which will then trigger the deportation process. 

Needless to say, the prospect of suddenly being sent out of the country you now know to be home, because you don’t have the papers for it, can be overwhelming and life-changing. 

In most cases, an undocumented immigrant being held for driving without a license will end up being escorted to an immigration detention facility, where they will await the court order whether they will get deported or not. 

With the help of an immigration lawyer near Tampa Bay, however, the risks of being deported are at least minimized regarding your immigration status. 

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Immigration attorneys Tampa FL can help present sentencing alternatives before the court so that getting deported is not the only option to take. The goal is to avoid being meted out a criminal conviction at all costs because this will definitely go into your permanent record.

This permanent record can impact your application for actual immigration status in the future. If only for that, you wouldn’t want to stain your record because of driving without a license. Most importantly, immigration lawyer Lakeland FL can inform the judge of your situation, so they can avoid issuing a warrant against you. 

It’s very crucial, however, for you to hire immigration lawyers Lakeland FL at the soonest possible instance. This is so that they can also prepare better for your case, finding possible witnesses and gathering evidence that will be favorable to you. 

Espinoza Law Offices offers their legal services to cases like yours. Act fast so that you can get the help you need in taking care of this situation.