The Difference Between an Asylee and a Refugee

Asylum and Refuge are different due to location. If you are seeking political asylum in the US, or are a refugee in need of asylum, you should have a lawyer assist you in the process. If you are seeking an immigration attorney in Tampa FL, look no further than Espinoza law offices PA. Immigration legal representation should be handled by a competent and effective lawyer, and that is just what you’ll find at Espinoza Law Offices PA.

What is a Refugee?

The definition of a refugee is an individual who is already living or running away from their country of origin due to a fear of prosecution on a basis of race, nationality, group membership, religion, or political stance. People who have assisted in the persecution of others in this manner are not eligible for refugee status. If you are a refugee seeing asylum in Florida, you should find a professional and competent immigration lawyer. Contact the Espinoza Law Offices PA in Lakeland FL for legal representation.

What is an Asylee?

An Asylee is defined as an individual in the United States who is not a natural-born citizen of this country. This individual would not be able to or is unwilling to return to their country of origin due to a legitimate fear of persecution based on race, nationality, religious beliefs, specified group membership, or political views. If you are seeking asylum and are in need of immigration attorneys in Tampa FL, contact the staff at Espinoza Law Offices PA.

The Difference Between an Asylee and a Refugee

Being a refugee and asylee may seem very similar, but there is one huge difference. An asylee lives in and is protected by the United States government, while a refugee must live and be protected by another governing body or sanctuary. The process of becoming an asylee is very different from becoming a refugee. Seeking asylum involves much more paperwork and can be harder to accomplish. If you are a refugee seeking asylum you will need an immigration lawyer. If you are seeking immigration lawyers visit the Espinoza Law Offices PA in Lakeland FL.

Asylum Success

You may already be aware of how strict the immigration laws are now in the U.S. Deportation officials have been enforcing immigration laws. Stricter immigration laws are also being put in place. If you are in this country illegally you still have a chance of being granted citizenship by filing for asylum. The process to file for asylum is not easy. It can be helpful to have someone help you through this process. Especially if that someone has an in-depth knowledge of immigration laws and success preventing the deportation of immigrants. If you are in need of an immigration lawyer near Tampa Bay, visit the Espinoza Law Offices PA to schedule a consultation today.

To successfully apply for asylum, you will bear the burden of proving you actually qualify for this protective service. To prove you qualify to become an asylee you will have to prove that you have a legitimate reason to be fearful of the country you last resided in. The success of whether not you will successfully be granted asylum greatly depends on which official your case has been assigned to because it is up to their discretion and interpretation of your application. However, there are things you can do to ensure your application is approved and your asylum is granted.

How can a Lawyer Help?

A lawyer can help you become an asylee by helping you properly fill out the paperwork and gather the proper evidence to prove your need for asylum. Unfortunately, ignorance of the immigration and deportation laws can cause your asylum application to be denied or even put on hold for quite some time, forcing you to be unsure of your residence. To avoid issues with your application, hire a lawyer. If are in need of an immigration lawyer near Tampa Bay, contact the staff at the Espinoza Law Offices PA to schedule a consultation.