How Does a Family Preference Visa Work in Florida?

work visa applicationOnce you have a green card in the US, some of your family members can apply for a family preference visa. The spouse and any unmarried child of the green card holder can apply to enter the country on a family preference visa. A US citizen’s family may also apply for this type of visa, including the individual’s siblings and married children.

This type of visa limits entry to the US until the final approval of the visa application. The approval process ranges from months to years, depending on how you are related to a green card holder or US citizen.

The visa applications use preference levels including:

  • F1 – first preference refers to an unmarried daughter or son of a US citizen or green card holder above the age of 21.
  • F2 – second preference refers to an unmarried daughter or son of a US citizen or green card holder under the age of 21 and their spouse.
  • F2B – also second preference, refers to unmarried daughters and songs of US permanent residents at least age 21.
  • F3 – third preference refers to the married daughters and sons of US citizens.
  • F4 – fourth preference refers to the siblings of US citizens of at least age 21.

The family preference visa may take longer to obtain, but you can bring nearly your entire family with you to the US by using it. The versatility of this visa type is that you can apply for it and essentially re-establish it over the long term in the US.
Your parents also have an opportunity to enter the US on a long-term visa. That would use the immediate relative visa.

Immediate Relative Visa in Brief

The spouse, parents, and unmarried children of a green card holder or US citizen can apply for an immediate relative visa. Your relatives may be able to visit before the final approval of the visa application. This doesn’t include siblings though.

Either visa from these programs can provide your family with entry into the US, but which could each family member obtain more quickly? That depends on many factors which the immigration lawyers Lakeland FL trusts can help you understand.

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