Dealing With the Stress of Deportation

deportation text of women and fenceWith so many immigrants facing potential deportation from the United States, these communities are living under a constant amount of uncertainty.

Whether you’re a legal resident, a refugee, or an undocumented worker, you can seek aid from a deportation defense lawyer at the Espinoza Law Offices. We can go over the various defense services that our team offers.

Reasons for Deportation

Your deportation status may depend on several factors, such as whether you’ve obtained legal citizenship. The more common reasons for removal include the following:

  • A violation of your immigrant status – via a green card or a nonimmigrant visa
  • Termination of your permanent resident status
  • Marriage fraud, or the act of marrying someone to obtain a green card – only to divorce less than two years later
  • Smuggling illegal immigrants into the country
  • Committing a crime like theft, sexual assault, or drug trafficking
  • As an illegal immigrant, you’ve become dependent on governmental assistance programs within five years of entry
  • As an illegal immigrant, you’ve participated in any election
  • You haven’t notified immigration authorities of a change of address
  • You’ve provided false information to immigration authorities

Committing a crime will almost always put you under the threat of deportation, while others may create an investigation around your immigration status. To get a full list of Florida-based reasons for deportation, a deportation lawyer can give you a full briefing.

Dealing with the Stress of Deportation

When you first move to the United States, there’s already enough stress to live by – like moving to another residence, dealing with the American fear of immigrants, or experiencing culture shock.

During deportation, much of your life is unexpectedly uprooted from its settlement. Immigrants often separate from their jobs, homes, family, and communities.

This is a difficult period that should be avoided under most circumstances, which is why we recommend seeking legal help.

In the meantime, you’ll be dealing with an intense amount of pressure that comes with uncertain deportation status. That process could involve hiring legal aid, finding documentation about your living situation, or providing evidence that you didn’t commit a crime or violate an immigration term.

Living under the threat of deportation is especially tough on families.

Social work expert Dr. Concepcion Barrio said, “Imagine your family ripped apart. That’s going to have reverberations across family members for years to come. The child’s brain is still developing up to the age of 22, so they are very vulnerable to the biological processes that affect the brain during development.”

During a case like this, parents need to seek mental health care where they need it.

Getting an Immigration Lawyer Near Tampa Bay, FL

There are many ways that an attorney can help you, namely through providing information about your rights or by defending your immigration status in court.

Regarding Florida immigration, you should know that the local attorneys will be well-versed in Florida law and how it pertains to your status. Knowing the ins and out of Florida immigration law may help out with your legal defense.

The Espinoza Law Offices provides legal services to the people of Florida, including immigrants facing potential deportation. Our team specializes in immigration law, business immigration, and family immigration.

If you are about to face deportation, our team can help as your immigration defense attorneys. Contact us today to set an appointment.